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Samantha Jaymes is a dedicated, passionate, and diversified artist, who uses the face as a canvas to bring her pieces to life. Samantha possesses a wide skill-set, ranging from beauty makeup techniques, to special FX applications. She graduated from the High School of Fashion Industries and completed the Masters Program at New York’s very own Make-Up Designory in Soho. Breezing through classes and working with professional photographers, such as Christopher Morel, Peter Lauder, Seth Miranda, and Damian Sandone, on beauty, jewelry, fashion, and special effects photo shoots, Samantha honed her craft as a professional and continues to distinguish herself as a true individual within the field of makeup artistry. 


Her amazing experiences and top-notch education has allowed her to further her career as a freelance artist doing beauty, prom, bridal, and Halloween makeup applications. Additionally, Samantha has worked as a full time artist/manger at M.A.C. Cosmetics in Soho, the Upper East side, and Time Square, working on projects for fashion week, industry events, and facilitating classes for beauty & special effects. She has also found spare time to take this love of makeup and create tutorials on Youtube for her followers on social media. Currently, Samantha has been teaching aspiring artists to become professional Beauty & SFX Makeup artists in the field.

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