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What sets Samantha apart is her expertise in special effects makeup, which has been a driving force in her career. Her decision to pursue makeup as a profession was fueled by her unwavering love for creating fantastical and otherworldly looks through special effects techniques.

Samantha's talent knows no bounds. She is not only certified in airbrush makeup, but also in prosthetic application and character makeup. Her mastery of these techniques allows her to bring to life any makeup vision her clients can imagine. From creating realistic wounds, scars, and other special effects for film, theater, or Halloween looks, to transforming faces into mesmerizing creatures, Samantha's skill and creativity are truly awe-inspiring.

One of Samantha's favorite times of the year is Halloween season, where she gets to showcase her true capabilities as a special effects makeup artist. Her passion for creating unique and captivating looks during this time is evident in her attention to detail and commitment to bringing her clients' visions to life.

 A huge portion of Samantha's "Press Features" are due to her SFX work. She has been recognized by NY1 Spectrum News, Staten Island Live/Advance & Camera Ready Cosmetics. Samantha is also highly recognized from her Tiktok transformations during spooky season.

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